Wish Application

Wish Granting Guidelines

  • The wish must be for an experience, not a physical item.
  • The wish should involve the recipient and another relative or close friend (shared experience).
  • The wish must take place in the United States
  • The recipient must have a life threatening physical handicap or terminal illness
  • The recipient must have a verifiable financial condition that prevents self-fulfillment of the wish
  • Recipient’s physician or EWF designated physician must verify that the wish will not in any way interfere with recipient’s treatment or cause any further deterioration in recipient’s health

Start Here to begin application process:

  1. Our wish application process begins with the Initial Wish Application.
  2. Send or e-mail Initial Wish Application Form to EWF.
  3. A member of Eternal Wish will then contact you to discuss further and will then give the passwords for the following forms.
  4. Fill out completely the Wish Application and Wish Agreement, including Limitations of Full Public Disclosure.
  5. Present completed Wish Application and Wish Agreement to your physician.
  6. Verify that physician sends completed forms to EWF.
  7. Any individual participating directly with wish recipient must complete the Companion Liability Waiver and Companion Version of Limitations of Full Disclosure.

(Wish application is valid ONLY if sent by physician. Applications sent by any other individual, including the wish recipient will be invalid.)

Step One:

 Initial Wish Application

Steps 3-7: (passwords required)

Adobe PDF iconWish Application (password required)

Adobe PDF icon Wish Agreement (password required)

Adobe PDF icon Companion Liability Waiver and Limitation of Full Public Disclosure (password required)


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